Mohammad Hossein-Zadeh
Mohammad Hossein-Zadeh was born in Qum, Iran. Having completed his general
education in The Islamic Seminary of Qum (Hawzeh ‘Ilmiyeh Qum), he studied
philosophy in Baqir al-Ulum Cultural Foundation and Imām Khomeini Institute for
Education and Research (IKI), and received his Ph.D in Islamic Philosophy.
Meanwhile, he continued his research in jurisprudence (Fiqh) and methodology of
jurisprudence (Usūl al-fiqh) and got his Ph.D in these fields too.
Teaching Experience
Hossein-Zadeh’s teaching career includes teaching in subjects of Islamic
philosophy, philosophy of religion, epistemology, fiqh and usūl, on different
levels in seminaries and universities.
He has authored numerous books in Persian, including:
1. A Comparative Study in Contemporary Epistemology, Qum: IKI Press, 2004.
2. Theory of Knowledge, Qum: IKI Press, 8th ed., 2004.
3. and Ahmad Wa’izi, Foundations of Religious Knowledge, Qum: IKI Press, 7th
ed., 2004.
4. An Introduction to Epistemology and Foundations of Religious Knowledge, Qum:
IKI Press, 2004.
5. Philosophy of Religion, Qum: Būstān-i Kitāb, 2001.
6. Understanding Religion, Qum: IKI Press, 3rd ed., 2004.
7. Belief and Action: a Mystical Inquiry, Qum: IKI Press, 2004.
8. Necessayr and Sufficent Knowledge, Qum: IKI Press, 2008.
9. Religious Knowledge: Rationality and Resources, Qum: IKI Press, 2010.
10. Vahy, Elham ,Religious and Mystical Experience, and Fetrat, Qum: IKI Press,
11. The Resources of Knowledge, Qum: IKI Press, 2007.
12. Human Knowledge: The Concepts, Qum: IKI Press, 2009.

and translated:
13. Essential Concepts in the Theory of Knowledge: Translation of Excerpts from
A. Plantinga and J. Pollock, Qum: Zulal Kawthar, 2004.

and he is writing:
14. Human Knowledge: The Jujments.

Articles published by him in various journals include:
1. “Basic Problems in Religious Pluralism,” Qabasāt 23 (2002): 3-9.
2. “An Inquiry into Usūl as a Discipline,” Qum: Congress of Shaykh An©āri, 1994.
3. “Mukāshafah and Religious Experience,” Ma’rifat 19 (1996): 78-84.
4. Contemporary Challenges In Definition of Knowledge Ma’rifat-I falsafi 6
(2005): 97-116,
5. The Rationality of Knowledge, Ma’arefe-e Aqli 6 (2007): 19-33.
& ….

Research Interests
Hossein-Zadeh’s is now involved in research on epistemology and religious
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